Artists Are Scientists

I feel there really is a need on this planet for the creative minds to go out there and do big things. Do things in Science. Do things in Math. Now the name of this channel is artists are scientists, and I really feel that we as Artists can do something.

Artists are Scientists
By Micah James Zayner

Artists are Scientists is being created to give a voice to artists that are struggling.  Learn science, learn math, learn the world, and it will make everything so much easier.

Science is easy. It just needs to be put in front of your to where you can understand it. When you have your professor at a university, who has been in the system for year, after year, after year, being taught big words, difficult systems, particular ways of doing things, and then you go and try to train somebody who is not very familiar with the subject matter, its easy for them to fail, and its easy for a creative mind to fail, because creative minds don't work like logical minds. Creative minds see points here, here and here, and then they bring them all together eventually into a cognitive piece of information.  The logical mind goes step by step, pattern, pattern, system, pattern.  The creative mind exists to create. It exists to make something real. 

I really feel there is a movement that can be started that can bring back the grandeur to the arts, so its not something people don't understand. Everybody understands science. When you say, "Hey, we're going to cure cancer."  People understand that. When you throw a painting with a bunch of splatter all over it, and then say,"Oh this means the feelings of this and that."  and It's like," No, It's not tangible."

We have all of these creative minds following, chasing this dream that is not real, and they can make the dream real by teaching themselves math and science.