I am a BioHacker - Month 1

Hey this is Micah.
I work for The ODIN. I have become a BioHacker. Its a strange thought. I really never pictured myself being a Scientist.  I have always wanted to join the ranks, but making it past the monotony of STEM gen-eds with good "grades" is really difficult these days. Today, 76% of the professors at universities are adjunct, and a lot of them are teaching STEM.  So not the best teachers, mixed with very intense, difficult to absorb knowledge makes for a tough run at ones dreams. So I became an artist because they let me build whatever I wanted with out regulations. 

Pre-1700's the artists were the scientists, creating the inventions that would better help them calculate and simulate real life on a 2-Dimensional plane. It later separated to Artists and Scientists and up until WWII the artists were homies with the scientists.  I feel like maybe the war demonized scientists and artists went off on there own to express themselves.  They hadn't looked back since then until recently with the introduction of some very user friendly technology, and the gap is finally shrinking.  Artists and scientists are coming back together and collaborating and working on amazing art. Soon again, the Artists, will be the Scientists.

I used to want to build spaceships. I wanted to make the Rocketeer a real thing. I loved building structures with Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs as a child. Physicist, Engineer, Molecular Biologist, these professions are all guarded by the gatekeepers of poorly taught STEM. My point is I have begun a journey into the world of genetics, and Microbiology. I am teaching myself with the help of those around me. I use a lot of YouTube videos to guide me through illustrations. It honestly does look like a mountain from the outside looking in. But once you have the courage to step in and to just begin learning, the growth potential is amazing. I am really impressed by the user friendliness of CRISPR. Someone like me could make amazing things happen from my own in-home lab. I am only a month in and I really feel like I could become an asset to people starting out. I have started a VLOG on YouTube. I'm pretty much just going to talk about things like I talk about them on here.  
Check it out and stay tuned for weekly updates.