Interesting thoughts

Its culturally ingrained in the minds of animals to run from the fire. A lightening strike, a brush fire, Dangerous. What happens to the first animal to just be like, ah Im going to go check out this fire nobody seems to know anything about, and the subject happens upon a branch carrying a perfect flame, and they pick it up and bring it back to the others and are like," hey look at me, I have the fire power."

After that imagine the first thousand years of fire. Brush-fire wars, The mentality of "ah "f" it lets just burn it." Think about the "carbon emission. They likely literally burned everything. All of the forests, any bit of oil still near the earths surface. The more you know!<X>

I wonder how corrupt the hierarchies are in a heard of animals. The lineage at the center must be the most powerful, they have been preyed upon the least. A million wildebeest constantly wandering the African plains year after year as a structure, and you are telling me those animals don't have a concept of what local civil structure is. I bet you they have a currency system, the same lineages eat the same plots during the migration every year. No wild animal is permissive of other animals getting better than they. That is unless they feel threatened to the point of loss. Can you move up? I saw a stallion murder a lame foal left after birth in this wild horse documentary. It was insane.
Micah ZaynerComment