Maker Faire Bay Area 2016, after party in Oakland

I went to Maker Faire 2016 this year. It was a great show, ran well, and there were so many people. I saw drone races, robots, gadgets, dohickeys, a lot of math and science was being used, and I was there to volunteer with BioCurious and Counter Culture Labs. Two independent DIY Biohacker spaces here in the Bay Area. I also got to us HTC's Vive with Google Tilt, it was amazing(Hope to buy one soon). BioHacking Safari invited me back to Oakland for the after parties at Oakland Terminal (Graffiti Art Show), and American Steel Studios, home of the MegaBot, as well as Burning Man Structure building headquarters. Below are all of the links, I hope you enjoy the show.

Maker Faire


Counter Culture Labs

American Steel Studios

Google Tilt Brush

HTC Vive

BioHacking Safari