The Cult of Modern/Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art is a crazy religion with a huge following. They are pumping more and more money into these "Museums" to get more and more followers to believe in their "express yourself" culture. A culture that lacks tangibility. They are scooping up all of we creative minds and sending us down a path of masturbatory self indulgence and they promise to choose a select few of us to "become famous one day(exploited)". The worst part about contemporary art, is if you wanted to quit and do something else, all you are left with is "expressed feelings." Don't you want to use your creativity to change the world? Don't you want to invent ideas? Change communities? Invent useful tools, and medicines, and therapies? Science is not difficult, give it a shot. Here's to waiting around hoping this is the week one of us gets chosen(exploited).

Read this wonderful write up by Robert Dixon on the Cult of Modern Art