Bio-luminescent Bacteria, I have turned colonies into my new pets.

I brewed up some Bio luminescent bacteria today.  My results were amazing. It was my first time working with this strain, but it was very easy to do.  After cooking up my media I moved some DH10 PJE202 from a plate to my bottle.  I was working with a 500mL bottle but my recipe was made for 700mL.  I used hot tap water because I thought it would make the media dissolve faster, and not thinking, I added my bacteria to a temp about 90F', the bacteria doesn't like to glow unless it sits between 65-80F', and the hot flash could corrupt it. I ran the bottle under cold water for a couple of minutes and put in the freezer for about 5 more to bring it down to temp.  After it dropped below 80 I gave it a few good swirls and placed it in the cabinet of a dark halfbath we have without windows.
Sat and checked on it every couple of hours and around 10 hrs later I had this.  It was brilliant, and so difficult to film, but to watch the chain reaction of a glow swirl shoot around the container is breathtaking especially when you recognize that any movement you make you are essentially communicating with the colony.

Well mind blown.  

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Stayed tuned for attempts to add small amounts of agar to slow the effect movement has on the bacteria. *Update* I Made Jelly