I am a BioHacker - Month 2

   So in two months of living, eating, sleeping, and breathing molecular biology I have come to one conclusion.  I'm only a few short years away from making amazing things happen.  I can do things that most grad students don't even get to do.  This past week I took on the task of growing up bacteria, to spin down into a dense paste, and then break the paste down into the plasmid stocks we need. Plasmid Purification.

Growing up bacteria is pretty easy, you take a very small amount, and inoculate a solution that permits its growth. Leave in the proper temperature, sometimes an incubator set at 37C and you have a cloudy slimy stinky broth the next day.

Spinning it down with a centrifuge drives all of the bacteria floating in the fluid to the bottom of the tube, you repeat this until you have finished the stock you grew over night.  Once I was done with that I had to preform what is called a Mini Prep where you brake down the bacteria and filter out all of the things you don't want with detergents and solutions.  After I was done, boom I had 600uL of .015 ng rich solution of bacterial plasmid PJE202.  <==Plasmid for Bio-luminescence.

I love my life!

Keep on biohacking!