GlowCon - The ODIN and I hooked up with Glowing Plant

GlowCon was a great experience, with great people.  Antony came from Glowing Plant and save me with some plates and a bottle so we had something glowing until I my growth got to peak.  I got to spread the message of genetic engineering and its benefits to society.  The common question asked was," what is the point of making bacteria glow?" As all of these people walk around with glowing and blinking electrically charged tiny pieces of metal, I couldn't help but respond with,"novelty."  But it wasn't just novelty.  I was showing people how easy it was to change the faculty of a bacteria.  Glowing was just the most visible way to describe the process of genetic modification.  Once did not glow, and now it glows because we inserted a plasmid. Some people were really impressed.  There is a very supportive GMO culture here in the bay area, and even having conversations with those individuals was inspiring.  We have to preach science like these religions evangelize their congregations.  If science don't, science will lose.

Biohack the planet.