Google Tilt Brush HTC Vive VR Mixed Reality Live Demo

I am an artist.  I hate calling myself that because socially and publicly it changes the way people view you. I do not see things, hear things, or feel things like everyone else.  I'm very sensitive to noise, light, touch.  That being said, I have devoted my life to learning how to control space.  There were always so many limits.  The drying times of paint between each layer.  The soreness after carving stone blocks.  I always had a dream that one day that wouldn't be needed any more. One day I will just be able to wave my hand and space will move.  Well that day has come.  I picked up an in-home Virtual Reality set-up off of Amazon and it has changed my life.  I lose sleep.  I dream in Virtual Reality and wake up, but it was like I took off the headset and then I wondered if I was even dreaming at all.

So I got it for the sole purpose to use Google Tilt Brush, I've played maybe 10 hrs of games in a month to 110 hours in Tilt Brush.  I've always held my art to a certain accuracy and to always have a plan before I start a big piece.  There is a vast learning curve and that is why I am having this event on Tuesday Oct 25th, 2016, to teach people what I have learned inside so that they may overcome some struggles they were having, or inspire some artists to go out and pick up a kit.

This is the future.

Below are the items I will be using in the video, and ones that I have at home.