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Who We Are

Artists Are Scientists is a full-service Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality art agency that offers everything from booking live Virtual Reality Mixed Reality artists to hiring talent for rapid prototyping and TV/FILM. We also provide a full work-suite of education courses to get you and your team up to speed on how to use creative apps to their fullest potential.



Contract work for Artists

We have a bevy of artists ready to rapid prototype any form and file you need for your 3 Dimensional product solution. Check out their profiles to see which artist suits your needs best.  Virtual Reality has enabled artists to prototype forms much faster especially if they are meant for Virtual and Augmented realities.

Virtual Reality Performance Artists

Book an artist to perform live VR art at any venue.  We have done weddings, conferences, night clubs, birthday parties.  The 3 dimensional digital art piece is recorded locally and will be provided to the customer which they can use for marketing material and keep for their own enjoyment.

Workshops and Digital Classes

Individual and group workshops and classes to learn more about the ins and outs of VR/AR art creation and bringing those creations into executable apps. Learn rapid prototyping using apps like Block by Google, and Tilt Brush by Google and many others.

We provide downloadable classes for the following VR art creation apps: Tilt Brush, Blocks, Masterpiece, Gravity Sketch, ShapeLabVR

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VIRTUAL REALITY ART Performance, Education, And Creation



Artists Are Scientists is a concept conceived by an artist who watched the art world die as it held on to archaic paintings and sculpture with rigor mortis. We are a collective of artists that use tech in a way that inspires the modern human. We believe that the best way to create value in this century is to connect creativity with technology.



Workbench Platform — An online education hosting suite geared towards lesson planning and curriculum instruction.

Augmented Reality and Computer Vision Meet-up SF — All things AR and CV, events feature up and coming companies and technologies, giving them a platform to deliver their message.

Virtual Reality Elevated — The leading provider of VR and Cannabis related events in California

The Grow Off — A farming competition that challenges growers to do the best they can with the same seeds showing off their knowledge and geographic facilities.



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