VR for Live Events


Create exciting memories. Bring virtual reality to your next event to engage your guests.

3D Modeling in Medium


Learn the basics of VR, how to create 3D models using VR tools, how to set up mixed reality, and more.


Our team can help you bring your projects to life. We have worked on products funded by Oculus and more. 



VR Kiosk is an all-in-one portable mixed reality computer.


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         "A revolutionary new way to capture entertaining guest content for celebrations."

         -Wasim Khan (Owner, Bay Area Wedding Fairs)
"I was in the class with Dan and Micah was able to help me connect the dots on things that videos couldn't really get across from tooling usage and different applications and also workflow. There are definitely materials available for that, but without someone there to walk you through the hang ups it gets frustrating to go at it alone. Micah was a great teacher! He was patient, knowledgeable, and helped me think around my creative roadblocks to bring my creation to fruition. I don't consider myself an artist at all, but Medium is one of my favorite apps. Making stuff then deleting them because I'm unhappy with the product was the story of my time in app :( .. Micah's biggest value to me was confidence. He was positive, assured me I was on the right track even when I couldn't see it, but didn't do it for me."
- Warren Reid (Student)
"I've really never done anything in Medium besides making some really weird shapes before and it can be overwhelming because of all the tools...Once getting in and getting used to the tools...It made it really easy to create things that I wouldn't have been able to create on a desktop 3D software before."

- Dan O'Mara (Student)

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