Mixed Reaity green screen Tilt Brush Live VR Video - Create like a God

Favorite Amazon Prime Music for Painting

The first step to steady hands in tilt brush is

download the .tilt file now in the course materials
Its big, save it and start every character with it.

My most recent painting filmed inside Tilt Brush
Download the Exmachina.tilt and add some weapons or cool hands
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Upload your characters and paintings to Sketchfab.com
Animation rigged by friend and 3-D Animator Miguelangelo Rosario

Thank you Miquelangelo Rosario, Micah Blumberg, Danny Bittman, Taylor Freeman, and UploadVR


I present you VR with Google Tilt Brush and HTC Vive

"Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on negative annoyance/anger; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can have before negativity.

In psychology and in cognitive neuroscience, patience is studied as a decision-making problem, involving the choice of either a small reward in the short-term, or a more valuable reward in the long-term. When given a choice, all animals, humans included, are inclined to favour short-term rewards over long-term rewards. This is despite the often greater benefits associated with long-term rewards."

I am really excited about of the things VR Art has to offer.  This is  just the beginning.  This world is not enough.  As this world becomes more ugly, come join me and my friends in the world we intend to make more and more beautiful. Each and every day.

Artists Are Scientists


Google Tilt Brush HTC Vive VR Mixed Reality Live Demo

I am an artist.  I hate calling myself that because socially and publicly it changes the way people view you. I do not see things, hear things, or feel things like everyone else.  I'm very sensitive to noise, light, touch.  That being said, I have devoted my life to learning how to control space.  There were always so many limits.  The drying times of paint between each layer.  The soreness after carving stone blocks.  I always had a dream that one day that wouldn't be needed any more. One day I will just be able to wave my hand and space will move.  Well that day has come.  I picked up an in-home Virtual Reality set-up off of Amazon and it has changed my life.  I lose sleep.  I dream in Virtual Reality and wake up, but it was like I took off the headset and then I wondered if I was even dreaming at all.

So I got it for the sole purpose to use Google Tilt Brush, I've played maybe 10 hrs of games in a month to 110 hours in Tilt Brush.  I've always held my art to a certain accuracy and to always have a plan before I start a big piece.  There is a vast learning curve and that is why I am having this event on Tuesday Oct 25th, 2016, to teach people what I have learned inside so that they may overcome some struggles they were having, or inspire some artists to go out and pick up a kit.

This is the future.

Below are the items I will be using in the video, and ones that I have at home.


VR Painting with Google Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive.

           I recently signed on as an Artist in Residence at Upload VR and that inspired me to get myself a VR set at home. I picked up the HTC VIVE off of EBAY with the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR on Amazon.

           The feelings I get when I am lost in the system are euphoric to say the least, this is the future.

           I have been fooling around with all of the tools and brushes since I got it Sept. 8th, and only just started using it today.  I have learned some techniques that I will talk about in future posts.  This painting took about 25 min for the flower, and 1 hour for the snake.  Let me know what you think.



Picasso was a Mathematician: Not a feelings chaser

Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.Yeah that's his real name. Google it.

Above is an etching he did of himself with model laying out a cubist work. It wasn't feelings, it wasn't emotion. It all had a purpose. He used algorithms in his head to simplify a subject. To simplify space. His goal was to remove self, to remove his experiences and his thoughts. To pursue naivety. To paint like a child. Remember this was during the most treacherous years of Europe, carrying through dictators and wars year after year.

One of the most talented illustrators of his time, he was bored by the pursuit of technical ability, having had already achieved mastery in his teens.

He had his blue period and his rose period and soon after realized he was letting his emotions get to deep. Emotions are like a drug, you can get addicted to the heightened hormones levels of particular brain states caused by each individual situation.

Blue Period(1901-1904)

Rose Period(1904-1906)

You see he had a moment sometime in his African Period from 1907-1909 where he had to make a change.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907 
His first attempt publicly to fully detach from reality. To say," what if I didn't exist, and some "being" just appeared here in space and witnessed this situation, how would it be received?" Even flirting with the tribal intellect of African wood work.

Girl with mandolin, 1910.You can see the amount of detail he accounted for to only omit most of it with a painting done around the same time as the above etching.

Woman in Red Arm Chair, 1932 

The point I am trying to make is that Picasso was a very public person and very opinionated about art. Doing a bunch of drugs and closing his eyes was not his way of making a painting. He was an existential philosopher, he pursued problems, and "whys" and wouldn't stop until he felt he answered it.

Many artists are out there pursuing this lost "Contemporary" feeling which really has nothing to do with how well you paint, and how it really has to do with how well you can talk, look, smell, act online, friends you have, school you graduated from, exploitable insecurities. You see the art world only wants you if you speak their religion, and regurgitate their prayers. Why join that. Stay pure, if you are going to pursue self, do it, and do it publicly where you can teach others about your journey.  Analyze others who have done the same.  Do not just blow your cigarette smoke in my face informing me of what abstract expressionism is.

What is the point in what you do? Maybe one day you almost die, but don't, and realize," Shit, I have a lot to offer this world, and I am just wasting it on entertainment and selfish obsessions with my own feelings."

Hopefully you can realize it, just from reading this. Have a cause. Investigate. And keep searching for



GlowCon - The ODIN and I hooked up with Glowing Plant

GlowCon was a great experience, with great people.  Antony came from Glowing Plant and save me with some plates and a bottle so we had something glowing until I my growth got to peak.  I got to spread the message of genetic engineering and its benefits to society.  The common question asked was," what is the point of making bacteria glow?" As all of these people walk around with glowing and blinking electrically charged tiny pieces of metal, I couldn't help but respond with,"novelty."  But it wasn't just novelty.  I was showing people how easy it was to change the faculty of a bacteria.  Glowing was just the most visible way to describe the process of genetic modification.  Once did not glow, and now it glows because we inserted a plasmid. Some people were really impressed.  There is a very supportive GMO culture here in the bay area, and even having conversations with those individuals was inspiring.  We have to preach science like these religions evangelize their congregations.  If science don't, science will lose.

Biohack the planet.

I am a BioHacker - Month 2

   So in two months of living, eating, sleeping, and breathing molecular biology I have come to one conclusion.  I'm only a few short years away from making amazing things happen.  I can do things that most grad students don't even get to do.  This past week I took on the task of growing up bacteria, to spin down into a dense paste, and then break the paste down into the plasmid stocks we need. Plasmid Purification.

Growing up bacteria is pretty easy, you take a very small amount, and inoculate a solution that permits its growth. Leave in the proper temperature, sometimes an incubator set at 37C and you have a cloudy slimy stinky broth the next day.

Spinning it down with a centrifuge drives all of the bacteria floating in the fluid to the bottom of the tube, you repeat this until you have finished the stock you grew over night.  Once I was done with that I had to preform what is called a Mini Prep where you brake down the bacteria and filter out all of the things you don't want with detergents and solutions.  After I was done, boom I had 600uL of .015 ng rich solution of bacterial plasmid PJE202.  <==Plasmid for Bio-luminescence.

I love my life!

Keep on biohacking!


My Bio-luminescent Jelly has worked!

I haven't quite figured out yet what I will do with this Bio-luminescent Jelly.  I need to find a way to make an eco-system for it to survive.  Making it in a container only permits life until all resources are used, then there is dead bacteria and growth is not achievable.  I need an environment that has a consistent amount of movement that stirs up oxygen, and has the nutrients of LB to feed the bacteria. I want people to be able to have their own little bio-luminescent blob pets, teach them to care for organisms.  Or maybe little bio-luminescent tea candles.  But in the end this is just me learning bacteria to do bigger better things.

Find all of your bio-luminescent needs here

Bio-luminescent Bacteria, I have turned colonies into my new pets.

I brewed up some Bio luminescent bacteria today.  My results were amazing. It was my first time working with this strain, but it was very easy to do.  After cooking up my media I moved some DH10 PJE202 from a plate to my bottle.  I was working with a 500mL bottle but my recipe was made for 700mL.  I used hot tap water because I thought it would make the media dissolve faster, and not thinking, I added my bacteria to a temp about 90F', the bacteria doesn't like to glow unless it sits between 65-80F', and the hot flash could corrupt it. I ran the bottle under cold water for a couple of minutes and put in the freezer for about 5 more to bring it down to temp.  After it dropped below 80 I gave it a few good swirls and placed it in the cabinet of a dark halfbath we have without windows.
Sat and checked on it every couple of hours and around 10 hrs later I had this.  It was brilliant, and so difficult to film, but to watch the chain reaction of a glow swirl shoot around the container is breathtaking especially when you recognize that any movement you make you are essentially communicating with the colony.

Well mind blown.  

Find all of your bio-luminescent needs here

Stayed tuned for attempts to add small amounts of agar to slow the effect movement has on the bacteria. *Update* I Made Jelly

The Cult of Modern/Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art is a crazy religion with a huge following. They are pumping more and more money into these "Museums" to get more and more followers to believe in their "express yourself" culture. A culture that lacks tangibility. They are scooping up all of we creative minds and sending us down a path of masturbatory self indulgence and they promise to choose a select few of us to "become famous one day(exploited)". The worst part about contemporary art, is if you wanted to quit and do something else, all you are left with is "expressed feelings." Don't you want to use your creativity to change the world? Don't you want to invent ideas? Change communities? Invent useful tools, and medicines, and therapies? Science is not difficult, give it a shot. Here's to waiting around hoping this is the week one of us gets chosen(exploited).

Read this wonderful write up by Robert Dixon on the Cult of Modern Arthttp://www.libertarian.co.uk/lapubs/cultn/cultn037.pdf

Maker Faire Bay Area 2016, after party in Oakland

I went to Maker Faire 2016 this year. It was a great show, ran well, and there were so many people. I saw drone races, robots, gadgets, dohickeys, a lot of math and science was being used, and I was there to volunteer with BioCurious and Counter Culture Labs. Two independent DIY Biohacker spaces here in the Bay Area. I also got to us HTC's Vive with Google Tilt, it was amazing(Hope to buy one soon). BioHacking Safari invited me back to Oakland for the after parties at Oakland Terminal (Graffiti Art Show), and American Steel Studios, home of the MegaBot, as well as Burning Man Structure building headquarters. Below are all of the links, I hope you enjoy the show.

Maker Fairehttp://makerfaire.com/bay-area/


Counter Culture Labshttps://www.counterculturelabs.org/

American Steel Studioshttp://www.americansteelstudios.com/

Google Tilt Brushhttp://www.tiltbrush.com/

HTC Vivehttps://www.htcvive.com/us/

BioHacking Safarihttp://biohackingsafari.com/

Flowers for you

I saw the golden garden today,

You would have loved it...
It reminds me heaven.
Except heaven doesn't have a lunch break.
A breeze can be so playful sometimes
You'd know it talks to you
If only you were willing to listen.
Today it said to me,"dream."
I smiled, and exhaled
It took my breath from me, 
like fuelAnd then I realized,
I wasn't listening to the wind,
But the extraordinary moments
Nature used to take other peoples breath away
Like a river of happines
The full bodied air carried me through
And I smiled today
-Micah James Zayner

Artists Are Scientists

I feel there really is a need on this planet for the creative minds to go out there and do big things. Do things in Science. Do things in Math. Now the name of this channel is artists are scientists, and I really feel that we as Artists can do something.

Artists are Scientists
By Micah James Zayner

Artists are Scientists is being created to give a voice to artists that are struggling.  Learn science, learn math, learn the world, and it will make everything so much easier.

Science is easy. It just needs to be put in front of your to where you can understand it. When you have your professor at a university, who has been in the system for year, after year, after year, being taught big words, difficult systems, particular ways of doing things, and then you go and try to train somebody who is not very familiar with the subject matter, its easy for them to fail, and its easy for a creative mind to fail, because creative minds don't work like logical minds. Creative minds see points here, here and here, and then they bring them all together eventually into a cognitive piece of information.  The logical mind goes step by step, pattern, pattern, system, pattern.  The creative mind exists to create. It exists to make something real. 

I really feel there is a movement that can be started that can bring back the grandeur to the arts, so its not something people don't understand. Everybody understands science. When you say, "Hey, we're going to cure cancer."  People understand that. When you throw a painting with a bunch of splatter all over it, and then say,"Oh this means the feelings of this and that."  and It's like," No, It's not tangible."

We have all of these creative minds following, chasing this dream that is not real, and they can make the dream real by teaching themselves math and science.

Interesting thoughts

Its culturally ingrained in the minds of animals to run from the fire. A lightening strike, a brush fire, Dangerous. What happens to the first animal to just be like, ah Im going to go check out this fire nobody seems to know anything about, and the subject happens upon a branch carrying a perfect flame, and they pick it up and bring it back to the others and are like," hey look at me, I have the fire power."

After that imagine the first thousand years of fire. Brush-fire wars, The mentality of "ah "f" it lets just burn it." Think about the "carbon emission. They likely literally burned everything. All of the forests, any bit of oil still near the earths surface. The more you know!<X>

I wonder how corrupt the hierarchies are in a heard of animals. The lineage at the center must be the most powerful, they have been preyed upon the least. A million wildebeest constantly wandering the African plains year after year as a structure, and you are telling me those animals don't have a concept of what local civil structure is. I bet you they have a currency system, the same lineages eat the same plots during the migration every year. No wild animal is permissive of other animals getting better than they. That is unless they feel threatened to the point of loss. Can you move up? I saw a stallion murder a lame foal left after birth in this wild horse documentary. It was insane.

I am a BioHacker - Month 1

Hey this is Micah.
I work for The ODIN. I have become a BioHacker. Its a strange thought. I really never pictured myself being a Scientist.  I have always wanted to join the ranks, but making it past the monotony of STEM gen-eds with good "grades" is really difficult these days. Today, 76% of the professors at universities are adjunct, and a lot of them are teaching STEM.  So not the best teachers, mixed with very intense, difficult to absorb knowledge makes for a tough run at ones dreams. So I became an artist because they let me build whatever I wanted with out regulations. 

Pre-1700's the artists were the scientists, creating the inventions that would better help them calculate and simulate real life on a 2-Dimensional plane. It later separated to Artists and Scientists and up until WWII the artists were homies with the scientists.  I feel like maybe the war demonized scientists and artists went off on there own to express themselves.  They hadn't looked back since then until recently with the introduction of some very user friendly technology, and the gap is finally shrinking.  Artists and scientists are coming back together and collaborating and working on amazing art. Soon again, the Artists, will be the Scientists.

I used to want to build spaceships. I wanted to make the Rocketeer a real thing. I loved building structures with Erector Sets and Lincoln Logs as a child. Physicist, Engineer, Molecular Biologist, these professions are all guarded by the gatekeepers of poorly taught STEM. My point is I have begun a journey into the world of genetics, and Microbiology. I am teaching myself with the help of those around me. I use a lot of YouTube videos to guide me through illustrations. It honestly does look like a mountain from the outside looking in. But once you have the courage to step in and to just begin learning, the growth potential is amazing. I am really impressed by the user friendliness of CRISPR. Someone like me could make amazing things happen from my own in-home lab. I am only a month in and I really feel like I could become an asset to people starting out. I have started a VLOG on YouTube. I'm pretty much just going to talk about things like I talk about them on here.  
Check it out and stay tuned for weekly updates.